WORKSHOP / story of pond

於:秋吉台国際芸術村 2002





Making small masucot to put the bag or the mobile phone from the image inside. 

I make the students to try to think about the color image of the numbers that we see and use numbers in daily life. And the students make the numer model of their color image by themselves . Using a kind of resin that can be colord very easy,

They use my oun mold of the numbers made and  resin that I use to make installation ‘story of pond’in Kawasaki city Museum 2001.

This is the trial to put out a peace pf the form of memory and consciousness that has been imprinted somewhere living environment and experience of each.

We have some image from our don’t  know  why and how we have image 

Mine nearby junior high school students visited as part of the teaching of art in Akiyoshidai International Art Village Residence, who stayed as a residence artist.



installation view of story of pond at Kawasaki City Museum