「somewhere not here _work in progress」は町の人々が生活の中で訪れる店や公共機関などのガラスに「時間」をテーマにした作品を制作するというプロジェクトです。








I draw points on the glass of the architecture from inside with following the view outside changing one moment by one moment. As folowing the time pass by.Then I create the fictitious map with the points line.

The map to go somewhere.

This is the work to try to touch the surface of 'the passing'.

Regarded the glass as the membrane between inside and out of myself, I draw the map as scratching it.

Sometime people do not realize that the map on the glass.They do not notice it because they looks only outside through the glass.

However the map will spread rapidly in the field of view of the people who once "notice" it.

"Notice" is important intent of this work. 


2014 , Manndallen Norway

2014 _Gengenten  , fukushima Japan

2014 _Hunner head studio ,Kanagawa Japan

2012  , Tromso Norway]

2012 _tromso open. 

2012 _VOICE CANNOT HEAR will SPREAD through THE AIR , Gimaraec Portgal]

2012 _VOICE CANNOT HEAR will SPREAD through THE AIR , Aichi Japan 


2013 _SAKURAWORKS ,Kanagawa Japan

2010 _IWAKI ART TRIENALE Fukushima Japan